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Message from the Program Director






Dear Prospective Student,

We appreciate your decision to choose SASTHM for Bachelor of Business Studies (BBA) at Biratnagar, Nepal.


BBA at SASTHM is a four-year, 129 credit hour program of Purbanchal University. SASTHM seeks to be an ideal place for its students to achieve their aspirations through a high quality education, with adequate availability of technical resources required for learning.

Our BBA program delivers high quality, and innovative educational experience through academic and extra-curricular activities. Further it is designed to prepare students for success in the commercial, nonprofit and public sectors of the Nepalese and global economy, while engaging in their communities. Through our BBA program, you prepare yourself for a lifetime of leadership and success. In addition, the BBA program gives you a solid base in business and management. Besides building and sharpening your knowledge and skills, it widens your networks, develops global perspective, and cultivates a strong sense of identity in you.

With the highly qualified lecturer, experienced teachers and experts in relevant subjects at SASTHM, the BBA program not only broadens and deepens your understanding and knowledge of business, management and environment; it also strengthens your communication, interpersonal, leadership and IT skills through various practical works.


Rather than giving you a highly theoretical “big business” degree, SASTHM’s distinctive four-year BBA program attempts to provide you international exposure along with the best possible learning environment. With so much to be achieved in life, our BBA courses enhance each student with a capability to become a leader, entrepreneur, manager, academician and much more. Hence, once you graduate with a BBA, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running and make your mark in the business world.

Finally, we welcome imaginative students who seek challenges and inspiration. We are here to be a partner with you to help you to accomplish your goals and materialize your dreams.

Pravin Rimal
BBA Program Director