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Career Opportunities in Hotel Industry

What career options are offered in the hospitality industry? Where do you start? What types of careers are available? These are the major questions to consider when pursing a career in the hospitality industry. The following descriptions outline the different levels of hospitality positions you might enter into.

Entry-Level: This is where you start; the experience and skill you will gain in these positions can prepare you for advancement in your career. Typically the tasks are related to your position and are a valuable component to the success of the hospitality entity.

Skilled-Level: This is the next step where you will develop specific skills and capabilities that can be transferred from one position to another (you are on your way).

Managerial-Level: This is when your experience, training and initiative are combined to create your ability to lead employees and manage business.

The following are specific career opportunities you can obtain in the hospitality industry:


  • Hotel Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Travel Journalist
  • Front Office Manager
  • Reservation Manager




  • Restaurant Manager
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Banquet Manager
  • Chef
  • Bar/Club Manager



  • Campground Manager
  • Tour Escort/Operator
  • Meeting/Conference Planner
  • Travel Consultant
  • Recreation Specialist