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SASTHM’s Advantage

SASTHM has become a First choice for students residing in eastern zone of Nepal for BHM and BBA Program.


Faculty Strength

We hold probably the smartest team of faculty members among all privately-run management colleges in the eastern zone. Our faculty members know your background and interests and help you discover your potentials. Beyond their subjects, they are responsible for your overall learning and growth. Likewise, our visiting faculty members and guest speaker bring the very essence of the real world into classroom. Our strong team of full time and part-time faculty members facilitates your learning. They represent both academia and industries with several years of experience and exposure. The combined strength of full-time and part-time faculty ensures a higher student-faculty ratio and a longer contact hour with students.

Our faculty members are dedicated to transform you to excel in today’s global political, economic and social environment.

Guidance and Counseling Services

We, through SASTHM, facilitate you to realize your potentials to maximum level through academic, personal and professional counseling. Led by a professional counselor, our Counselor ensures that you are on the right track toward achieving your goals and shaping a better career and future.

Career Services

We facilitate placement of graduates through various services: career counseling, corporate meet, employer presentation, and on-campus recruitment among others.
At SASTHM, we pay personal attention to your career objectives that contributes to your career success. We help you explore your options, prepare for the challenges of recruitment, and access opportunities that will get you to your desired destination.

Events and Activities

In addition to effective delivery of our academic programs, we organize various activities and events—on and off campus—round the year. The skills, creativity and diversity of our students make life at the College very eventful and memorable. They organize a number of events: Quiz Contest, Basketball Competition, SASTHM Big DAY etc. All these events and activities challenge, motivate and develop your management skills and leadership qualities.

Larger Network of People

We had a great Network of People where we have well integrated community of students, faculty, and staff.  Here Students will get a number of opportunities to develop relationship with each other that will continue to benefit them throughout their study, career and life. Moreover, students will enjoy a network of more than 200 alumni working in Nepal and outside the country.