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SASTHM offers number of scholarships at the time of admission, such as;

  • Meritorious Scholarship for students holding outstanding academic performance in their intermediate level of studies
  • Need Based Scholarship for students who cannot financially support their education
  • Under Privileged Scholarship for Minority Groups
  • SASTHM Students Scholarship for students who have completed their intermediate level or (10+2) studies from Arniko Boarding School, Biratnagar.

The scholarship offered by the SASTHM during the time of admission will be based upon the student’s academic performance, entrance examination and interview. However, the scholarship offered during the time of admission will be valid for the First Semester Only and for the remaining semesters, students can apply for Performance Based Scholarship.


Performance Based Scholarship

In order to acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding performance of students at the BBA level, the management committee has instituted a Performance Based Reward that is transparent and competitive. Scholarship for the succeeding semester will depend entirely upon the student’s performance in the previous semester. The internal grading earned in a semester will be the sole basis for Performance Based Scholarship.